About Ride for Others

in December 2014 I rode a small bike Honda Supra X, 100cc from Bali to Flores and Adonara island by myself. Spent time at Port of Labuan Bajo, Ruteng and at Honihama village on Adonara island, Eastern Indonesia

During my ride, I got attention from a bunch of kids back from school, barefooted, in the 30C hot summer day, so I offer to gave them a ride. I didn’t realize until one by one I took them right in front of their house… it’s about 10 or 15 km they walked every day to school. Then I continue my journey exploring the beauty of hidden gem Flores island, and a clear message said that I have to go back and help the children and community.

Back to Canada I shared my stories and plan to go back for my own mission with my kids (Ayu & Arya), friends and Kingsway coleague and members, Ride for Others, Road to Flores and Adonara island in 2017. Words spreading from Staff, Elders, Finance & Facilities and Mission and Outreach that I will do my own mission trip back to Indonesia in 2017 and open hands lead me to the plan. Open hands ready to help me to make my dream come true.

I am very grateful, God gave me talents and bunch of skills, drawing, painting, fixing things, craft and sewing… (I am not good at Cooking & Gardening) and I start to think about fundraising, connecting peoples, gather information etc. I start to create a Tote Bag as my offer, as my way of saying Thank you for support. I feel people will like it more to support and own my handmade, piece of art.

I created a handmade vintage look, sturdy and artistic Tote Bag from a used material, used canvas, hand painting, and hand stencil $50, proceed to my Mission. A wonderful Oma Winn Fisher support my mission by reprints my Butterfly card, people can by pack of 4 with $5



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