October 9, 2017 Around 11pm My children and I arrived at YYZ Pearson International Airport, Toronto

All set, ready to go, my luggage went trough EVA Air’s conveyor, BR 0035 will depart at 1:45am

We spent time talking and brought our memories back 8 years ago , reunite after almost 7 years apart, we remember the first time we met again in Singapore, first time we tried Subway sandwich, Sushi in Bugis, Junction and stroll along China Town and Orchard Road… ohh how time flies, beautiful moments,  reunite with my Late Dad and My Mom too. Now my kids and I live in Toronto…  can’t complaint, we have a amazing life and good education for both of my children.

We also talked about local food in Bali.. I know they miss Bali so much where they grew up and had wonderful friends around. Life must go on, life has changed and Toronto gave them so much opportunity

My Daughter Ayu graduated from Toronto film school with the outstanding recognition, have a great experiences in the movie industry, and had a chance to join the camera team “Working Mom” TV series and Star Trek just a week ago, while my son Arya very happy and content, he’s at OCAD University for Graphic Design.

1:45am boarding time and i know I will miss my beloved children and miss Kingsway family of course. The next 25 hours I will be in Bali


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