Day 1, October 10 2017 at 3:15 pm : Finally, touched down in Bali with tons of expectations and unexpected experience regarding my mission. Immigration Officer at Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali) stamped 60 days stay permit on my Canadian Passport and explain I must extend my visa at Immigration Office in Denpasar for the next 30 days and have to pay Rp355.000 (approx. CAD $40) or pay CAD $120 I can stay till end of March 2018. And the problem is I have to apply visa extention every month, mean I have to go back and forth Flores to Bali. There’s no Immigration office in rural island.

Today I also got news from SIVA (Solo International Visual Art) will be held at Solo (Surakarta, Central Java) said that 3 of my paintings finally arrived and safe, ready to be frame for the Exhibition in October 23, 2017 at Indonesian Art Institute, Solo (Central Java) Thank you to my fellow famous artist : IGN Nurata for inviting me and will have a group exhibition in Toronto in the future. Fingers crossed. The next day I went to Immigration Office at Renon to get the information regarding my stay; the Officer said I need to provide my sponsor letter again every time I extend my Visa (small problem arise…)

Met my buddy (neighbour) who made the mission t-shirt and looks great.. even it’s just black and white. Again Thank you to Arya Putra Djenar for this beautiful Pegasus design for patch and t-shirt

October 12, 2017 : As I gather information regarding my mission’s local support, I got a surprise from my contact person and pooling address in Surabaya; Joko Seputro, sent me picture of 6 boxes (tooth brush, soap, books, sandals etc) from Old Bikers Brother in Surabaya, Thank you for support.

In the evening I have a meeting with my Bikers Brother Ama Galang’s (Native Adonara) he is a mechanic too who travelled and riding solo around Indonesia twice… we talked, plan and arrange the time frame ready to go in end of October or the first week of November 2017. He fixed my CB100 and specially CB175 which I expected to use this bike to Flores and Adonara

October 13, 2017 : My friend Rahma Yustika in Yogyakarta (contact person & pooling address) sent me pictures (4boxes) of support from my University Alumni, Thank you for support.

I packed the Comfort Dolls made with Love by Oma Winn Fisher, Oma Edith Karpetz and Oma Joan Walker and ready to roll. Separated gifts form Canada, wrap it for each person, and bring to Surabaya, Malang, Yogya and Solo


October 14, 2017 : Cleaning the house, where my Mom live by herself, She will be 85 years this October 24 2017 even the house are dusty, cobweb’s everywhere and plants grow wild I am happy to help her clean the house. She’s very happy I am home and help her, we talked and share stories. I knew she’s not so well, her knee and back not great again, she walk slower compare to couple of month ago. I started thinking of what should I do, how to help to help her, to accompany her here in Bali. I don’t know. Should I back to Canada a while, prepare to come back here for a year or two to accompany her…. I don’t know…Still confused

In the evening I sat in the kitchen and suddenly my heart beating looking at wrapped my Old Harley (Roadster 1000cc, 1976) I open the cover, look at her, how I miss this beautiful bike… Back in the day, we hit the road, long way from Bali, Surabaya (East Java) to Yogyakarta (Central Java) and to Bandung (West Java)

And before I left Bali in 2004, I took it apart; the exhaust, gas tank and other parts, put in a bag, covered the engine… and today I saw her again Hello Old Harley my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again… we’ll hit the road again someday, I promise

Day 5, October 15, 2017 : Thinking about selling my CB100 and my Yamaha Mio and with this money I can do more while spend time with my mom next year. Packing my stuff and ready to Surabaya, Malang, Yogya and Solo


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