October Good news and Bad news

Mid October 2017 ; I prepare myself to gather donations from local supporter, to Surabaya, Malang (East Java) and to Surakarta (Solo, Central Java) for my group Painting Exhibition, meet old friend in Yogyakarta and will visit Borobudur to take a closer look at all the Temple Relief on it’s wall and planning to visit Mendut Temple Monk Monastery, close to Borobudur

I went to Surabaya by plane from Bali and it took about half an hour to Surabaya, spent a night at my high school classmate’s house : Sumardiyono and again he lend me his beautiful bike Kawazaki Estrella. He also gather donation for children in Flores and Adonara too, boxes of clothing and books

I feel free to ride solo, so happy to hit the road again. Race with other riders, buses and trucks side by side to Malang is a challenge and burnt my adrenalin. In Malang also boxes of clothing and books ready to go to Flores and Adonara. I am amazed how my friends and friends of my friend willing to support my mission, didn’t expect this much

Next day I ride to Surakarta, Central Java, Less then 8 hours arrived in City of Batik, Surakarta (Solo) Nasi Liwet is Surakarta best traditional food, rice serve with chicken stew, coconut oil sauce and veggies. The rice was not cook with rice cooker but stir slowly with a low temperature. Nasi Liwet and hot lemon is the best to start my day in Surakarta

Around 8AM I met my fellow artist ; I Gusti Nengah Nurata and his wife Becky and Made Budhiana… I didn’t see Nurata almost 30 years, it’s a nostalgic moment to see him again in Surakarta, I saw Budhiana last year in his Studio in Denpasar, Bali. It’s not a coincidence to see them again as we remember 3 of us in an old photograph in Yogyakarta 30 years ago. We still have a good energy to paint, to create an artistic and meaningful painting , world peace message.

October 23rd, 2017 :  We went to the opening of SIVA (Solo International Visual Art) Exhibition at Surakarta Institute of Art where Nurata is one of the Dean at Art Department. Surrounded by the paintings and paper sculpture transport me in a different world, full of energy and artistic feelings. Met Nurata’s International students; from Spain, Mexico, Italy and Argentina. Nurata gave some of his painting exhibition catalogue for Labuan Bajo Art Community, Thank you for support, Budhiana will collect his catalogue too.


The Next day I ride to Yogyakarta, city where I spent 5,5 years to finish my Interior Design at ASRI Art Institute of Indonesia 1978 – 1984. Bring back my memories, the city atmosphere, the people, the culture and food. Met my friend, Rahma Yustika, she helped me to collect donations from friends, 5 boxes of books, tooth brush, soap, clothing and toys, crayon and drawing books, repack and take to the shipping company. It’s quite expensive to send by land, for 45Kg I have to pay Rp 2000.000 ($CAD 200) and will take about 2 weeks to Labuan Bajo

I have a chance to visit the new Campus ISI, Yogyakarta Institute of Art and watched the International Performances , it was great, and I had a good time to meet my friends again, enjoy my quality time

After spent two nights in Yogyakarta, my Argentinian friend Maria Laura and I went to Borobudur, amazed by the works of art in Borobudur the World Heritage of Buddhist Temple, I wonder how they built this massive stone temple, what kind of technology they had back in those days. Statue and wall relief perfectly done. In the evening we visit Mendut Monk Monastery and join the quite time chanting with monks for an hour… what an experience…

On the way back to Yogyakarta, Laura and I spent a night at Koni Herawati’s house in Muntilan, a small town close to Borobudur, she graduated from ASRI Art Institute too, majoring in Advertising Department but she also an artist and potter. Her house is an old Chinese Style family house, full on antiques, met her Mom too. I really enjoy had a conversation with Laura and Koni. Back to Yogyakarta, I had a chance to see my fellow artist Desy Gitary had her group exhibition, nice talking to Desy and friends .

Next plan is go to Malang and help Meilia Shofa to prepare her performance at Monkey Garage, she will use water as property. She will perform at Melaka Art & Performnace Festival (Malaysia) on November 23, 2017. Good Luck Mey…

Unexpected news from my extended family in Surabaya… my Uncle Hindarto Wangsayudha passed away shocked me, Just a week ago I met him and spent a quality time with him, talk about my plan and he gave me his best Golden Sand Black Obsidian ring, it’s his handmade as his last gift to myself.. I have to go back to Surabaya for his cremation.. Spent my days in Surabaya, surrounded by family and friends, accompany my Uncle to his last resort and ready to unite with Mother Earth. So long my Uncle, see you again someday

November 8th 2017 After good and bad news I went to Joko Seputro’s house where he helped me gather all friend and biker’s support. 11 boxes of soap, tooth brush, books, crayon, clothing and toys ready to go to Flores and Adonara. I repack and sort donations for children in Flores (Labuan Bajo and Ruteng) and also for Adonara, and finally 9 boxes ready for shipping by tomorrow

I have no idea how much it’s cost, will try sea freight instead of land, much cheaper or post office. Let’s see by tomorrow. There’s still some donations at Doddy Devrian’s house and my Mom’s house in Bali, will arrange those later when I arrive in Bali


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