Among SuperHuman at St DAMIAN, House for Leprosy & Differently-able, Cancar. Kecamatan Ruteng

At 4pm Enu Lila and family took me to St Damian, House for Leprosy & Differently-abled at Cancar, Kecamatan Ruteng. I Brought comfort dolls, toys & clothing for. them.                    We met Suster (Nun) Franseline Isabela Sabu , she just back served in South Sudan for 2 years and now she’s back to St Damian where she belong. She’s strong, energetic. Love children and bright. With an open arms she welcomes us and let us interact with the patients, children and adult.

Sr Virgula SSpS from Germany the founder of Rumah Sakit dan Pusat Rehabilitasi Kusta dan Anak Cacat (Hospital and House for Leprosy & Differently-abled Rehabilitation) in 1960’s and helped many children and adult to survive

Helping others is what I saw in every way, Polio children helping children with no hands, children with 1 hand helping children with no feet. Some time I asked God why He created them? I know it’s not my business, so far I have the answer myself, we have to learn from them, learn how to be strong and feel blessed and thankful.

6pm we join the prayers at the chapel, hear them praying, they always say Thank you to God, they’re humble and grateful. Had dinner with them is another experience, helping hand in hand, they helped each other, they serve others, from the kitchen to server. Simple meal; rice and vegetables and small piece of fish and water for drink.

Sr Franseline asked me to stand and introduced myself, who am I, where I came from and reason why am I here. After dinner, I met Paskalis, a bright young boy with his leg problem, he play keyboard and singer, and he shared stories while all of the difable team had a chance to show their ability to sing and dance in Labuan Bajo celebrating International day of people with disability, December 3rd, 2017. Amazing moment to sleep over at St Damian, night time, from distance I can see lights in mountain, stars and full moon today.

Sunday morning we went to the Chapel and almost full, they’re people from neighborhood and alumnus of St Damian too. So touching and again how lucky I am celebrating the day among SuperHuman at St Damian. After Chapel all of us had coffee and kompyang with Sr Franseline and other Suster, I really enjoy day, I said to Sr Franseline, I promise will spread my mission Ride for Others to my other friend, so it will roll and wide spread. Because I know I can help with my ideas, do some repairs, teach the children how to paint, making crafts, fixing things.

So many things we can do at St Damian, carpenters, art, nursery, management, helping financially and voluntarily.

Information; altogether 75 person at St Damian, from Suster, worker and patients, so they need 13-15kg of rice per week, CAD $100 for their vegetables and fish, 45 litre of kerosene exclude coffee, tea, cookies and sugar.

St Damian had a production unit which need a hand to run the unit, need a person who willing to help others, the unit need attention and sustainable management.

Sr Franseline will work hard to manage St Damian, but she can’t do by herself, St Damian is calling, they need help.


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