Cunca Liang Kantor, Mbeliling (Liang Kantor Waterfall)

November 27th , 2017

Mart Sakeus’s uncle worked at the Department of Forestry at Mbeliling mountain not far from Nggorang, Mart’s LontArt Studio. Today Mart and his uncle took me to his friend because his uncle said that I can give them ideas about Desa Wisata (Tourist Village Destination) and Green Environment Development So we ride a motorcycle to Mbeliling village and met the Leader of the kampung/village.

I asked to the leader what they need the most regarding the tourist attraction in the village and the development for the future. And I concern about the environment. The culture and it’s local content, must be aware and careful to treat the modernism and protect the forest from trash specially plastic.

Preparing the “work together as team with local is the key” people should get involve and think the next generation, not only in the next 5 or 10 years. Environment have to treat with the best before they regret and it’s too late.

We took a small trek to the Mbeliling mountain and stop at Cunca Liang Kantor (Meeting Cave Waterfall) it’s a natural waterfall surrounded by old trees and wild bushes. It’s not that hard to get there and it’s beautiful, just need a clean program, a safe trek and a guide to lead.