Ruteng, the Misty Town

November 29th ,2017

It’s time to go to Ruteng, a nice small town 3 hours from Labuan Bajo, I packed donations (Tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo and accessories made by my Mom) strapped on my back seat, comfort dolls from Oma Winn Fisher, Oma Edith Larpetz, Oma Joan Walker in other backpack I put in front of my bike. Boxes of clothing will be ship from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng the next day.

Ruteng is where the weathers nice and cool, a misty town, mostly 20c foggy and raining. Surrounded by mountain and green hills. Smell coffee, kompyang and fried bananas in the morning comfort me.

Eraz (one of Marta Muslin’s diver) accompany to Ruteng, raining all day didn’t stop our way to Ruteng, we’re enjoy our ride.

Around 3pm we arrived at Lila Nyoman and Leo Nyoman’s house. Warmth smile from their children Ocha and Iyel made me feel home. Coffee and fried bananas is the best thing while we had conversations. 2 years ago I spent Christmas with this family and met other family.

Then come Dentist: Drg Celestin Hadi (Lestin) big hearted dentist who I promised 2 years ago to bring tooth brush etc for her community. She will share this donation to educate children in the village and hospital.

I met Ay Natal, beautiful young lady from Sastra Hujan Community (Arts & Poem Community in Ruteng) and she introduced me to her friends, we share stories and plan to help others, talkingh about trash, garbage and any other social community concerns.

Rini Temala, Ay Natal, myself, Retha Janu & friend


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