SLBN Komodo (Komodo Differently-abled School, Labuan Bajo)

November 28th , 2017

Mart Sakeus been an art tutor to a special boy at differently-abled school at SLBN Komodo, so he asked me to come and share my experiences with them. The school was not bad at all, a modern building, provide by the Government but the teachers have to get their own salary to taught in this school.

Mart & I met the Principal, he’s outside clean up the garden, and finally we met teachers and differently-abled children. Special boy who appear is Roy, he is mute but he is a rising star, He’s an artist, his painting is stunning and unbelievable how he manage line, shape and color on canvas. Thank you Mart Sakeus for helping Roy to fill his dream.

Then come to gather the children and teachers at the lobby, they’re shouting, singing running, I feel among the SuperHuman, yes they are the superhuman, they are strong, thankful and never gave up. One of the teacher asked me to play guitar when he saw children start to sing, and suddenly together they sing “I have a dream” (– Westlife) I can’t stop my eyes from starring at them, I can’t hold my tears in my eyes, wondering how they surrender to life, their heart so pure, they have their dreams too….

They keep on singing and dancing and hold my hand, poke and shake hand. I am grateful to be here and share a moment with them. I shared toys and clothing for them this time, painting supplies will be next.


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