New Friends in Ruteng

Friends and Friends I met in Ruteng area made me proud of them, they’re mostly young guns, energetic and positive personality. Thank you Pak Lurah Robert,  I had a chance to meet Engkos, Bob Marley’s big fans and Trash Hero, He created stuff from used materials, He made a cool shopping bag from the “O” ring of a plastic cup, created a Christmas tree from plastic bottles, he sewn a used cloth and made a beautiful bag and purses. He needs tools and technique support to help Ruteng clean and running Engkos and his friends to get involve in creative recycle economy industry

with Engkos the Trash Hero from Ruteng

Support for Mama’s in Enu Lila Nyoman’s neighborhood. Enu Lila and family helped me organised donations into bags for poor neighborhood in Ruteng, Ngencung resident area. Some of them as seen in the picture came and we had a good laugh and conversation, and again they thaught I can’t speak Indonesian language.. it’s very common where Ruteng is not many tourist around.

Ay Natal and friend in Bajawa’s Regalia. I am lucky this time in Ruteng, celebrations are there because it’s close to Christmas. I met this beautiful young lady Ay Natal a smart, bright student of Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pendidikan (STIKIP) in Ruteng. She had a dream to teach in Padang, Sumatra island once she graduate.

with  beautiful Tessa from St Damian. Tessa is one of Differently-Able children in St. Damian, she’s one of St Damian Choir

My new friend Paskalis, big hearted Suster Agustine, myself and Ade Edon (Keyboard player at St. damian Choir)

With Paskalis, Suster Agustine and friend. As you see in the picture, St.Damian resident made those Touque. a handmade with love


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