Another Ride


There’s a chance for me to go to Bali to see my Mom, my sister Novi and her family from Sydney, Australia. in Bali, had a chance to see my old friend Ewong, with her I met Ibu Swanny, Ibu Dwi Elsa, Moms group; Dewata Global Charities (DGC). They’re really excited and curious how they can help my mission.  I explain and show pictures from Labuan Bajo area and Ruteng. Some members of DGC decided to buy sandals and shoes for children grade 1 – 6. The next day I went to Ewong’s house, pick up 4 boxes of sandals and shoes but then I decided to put some in a bag and 2 boxes tied at the back seat of my bike… Thank you to Rahadian Minandi for your generousity, will buy paints in Cancar to paint St Damian’s fences. Thank you to Dr. Iwan Tjoegito for your Christian books for youth and children

The next day I shipped 8 boxes altogether; utensils, soft toys, sbooks, chool supplies, sandals and shoes by Lion air to Ruteng, hopefuly on December 24 will arrive in Ruteng . Thank you Ibu Ewong, Ibu Swanny, Ibu Dwi Elsa, Ibu Lily and Ibu Fitri from DGC Bali Rahadian Minandi, Dr. Tjoegito and Thank You mas Feri for your help.


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