About Ride for Others

in December 2014 I rode a small bike Honda Supra X, 100cc from Bali to Flores and Adonara island by myself. Spent time at Port of Labuan Bajo, Ruteng and at Honihama village on Adonara island, Eastern Indonesia

During my ride, I got attention from a bunch of kids back from school, barefooted, in the 30C hot summer day, so I offer to gave them a ride. I didn’t realize until one by one I took them right in front of their house… it’s about 10 or 15 km they walked every day to school. Then I continue my journey exploring the beauty of hidden gem Flores island, and a clear message said that I have to go back and help the children and community.

Back to Canada I shared my stories and plan to go back for my own mission with my kids (Ayu & Arya), friends and Kingsway coleague and members, Ride for Others, Road to Flores and Adonara island in 2017. Words spreading from Staff, Elders, Finance & Facilities and Mission and Outreach that I will do my own mission trip back to Indonesia in 2017 and open hands lead me to the plan. Open hands ready to help me to make my dream come true.


I am very grateful, God gave me talents and bunch of skills, drawing, painting, fixing things, craft and sewing… (I am not good at Cooking & Gardening) and I start to think about fundraising, connecting peoples, gather information etc. I start to create a Tote Bag as my offer, as my way of saying Thank you for support. I feel people will like it more to support and own my handmade, piece of art.

I create a handmade vintage look, sturdy and artistic Tote Bag from a used material, used canvas, hand painting, and hand stencil $50, proceed to my Mission. A wonderful Oma Winn Fisher support my mission by reprints my Butterfly card, people can by pack of 4 with $5




Few more days

First of all, I Thank you God for making this happen,

Thank you to my late beloved Dad Widjanarko Djenar for taught me how to fix the car, motorcycle or bike and be a true gentlemen, my Mom Joanasari Kusumawardhani for share her art in my blood , my Daughter Maesa Ayu Djenar, my Son in Law Jorge Balcon who’s now posted in Cold Lake, Alberta to serve the Canadian Air Force & my son Arya Putra Djenar for understanding and support.

Wishnu Bagoes Oka, and Deborah Nolan (First timer supporter) who bought my handmade Tote Bag. Kingsway Baptist Church Family, Oma Winn Fisher who fully support to reprints my Butterfly Card Note, Louis Nuk, Rosemary Borja, Rod Morrell , Graeme Quigley and Ken Froese who gave me the idea of take a 6 month on leave vacation without pay, Sumitra Robertson who I shared my plan for the first time, Oma Opa from Diamonds, Pastor Todd, Mary Jane Clarry, Jon Matthews, Holly Froese, Shannon Wolfrey, Pat & Paul Gregory, Shelley Neal, Kingsway Baptist Church member supporter and last but not least Deborah Kennedy for her role in Mission and Outreach .

From Indonesia site, Thank you to Ama Galang’s and Doddy Devrian and Joko Seputro for support and have the same idea, to help others

I am getting excited closer to the “Do” day for my own mission, Ride for Others , Road to Flores and Adonara island in Eastern Indonesia. 2 luggage ready to roll, with clothing, comfort dolls from Oma Winn Fisher, Oma Joan Walker, Oma Edith Karpetz, dry fit t-shirt, pants, anti-mosquito net jacket, my army jacket, goggles for riding and stuff for my mom and family and friends. As Kingsway motto : Belong, Grow, Serve is on my mind… My Spirits, Heart & Soul are ready to serve others, my hands ready to help others, and my Canadian Army boots are ready to step outside Canada, but to be honest there are some chores I have to do before I go… The Advent Banners for Kingsway Baptist Church should be ready on Friday, sorting stuff to put into my backpack with a 7Kg maximum.

I asked my buddy Ama Galang’s to grab my bike CB100 and CB175 to be fixed, but I don’t decide which one which I will ride the bike to East of Indonesia… If both of them are ready, I prefer my CB175.. let’s see.

Ride for Others

Jo for Flores & Adonara Island  (Eastern Indonesia)

Kuslandjaja Eka Djenar/ Jo Djenar
Artist Painter, Artisan & Musician
Custodian and home Artist at Kingsway Baptist Church since 2006
Board of Director of Godhong Maple, Indonesian Arts Community, Toronto
Biker, Former President of Vintage Motorcycle :
Himpunan Motor Tua Bali 1993 -1998

Mission : My mission is to actively be of service to others as an inspirational model of living and working together to create social change and community amongst myself and with the people of Labuan Bajo, Ruteng and Adonara Island.
Vision : I envision a world culture grounded in love: embodying compassion, honesty, self-responsibility, delight in diversity, cooperation, and the honoring of all living things. This vision recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings and supports living with intention on the earth.

Plan :
I bought a Plane Ticket to Bali on October 9, 2017 and be back to Toronto in March 31st 2018 (6 months)
• I will spend at least 6 month or more travelling on motorcycle from Bali, Flores (Labuan Bajo) (Ruteng), Adonara (Honihama village)
• Some friends from Indonesia will join my mission for a short period; 2 – 4 weeks or more
• I will help kids with Books, Art supplies, sandals/ shoes, tooth brush, tooth paste/ Sanitary napkins/ Sport equipment/ Music equipment
• I will share my skills with kids & teenager in art project, mural, painting, sketching, drawing, play music from whatever they can get; bamboo/ piece of wood, stone, rubber etc. to awaken their musical talent and building musical communities.
• I will help communities to paint the classroom, make the signage, make it bright, spacious and more fun in the classroom, painting the mural and work together to make a small garden.
• I will teach them some basic English for their future to understand English for better education
• I will tidy up/ repainting/ make a small garden at their Church or Mosque
• Will work together with friend who work at Correctional Institution in Ruteng doing craft activities
• Will join and work together with Youth Community at Port of Labuan Bajo, help them to understand how important English for their future as Labuan Bajo is the main destination of tourist go to Komodo Island. Work together do the mural and other art activities
• I will help Honihama village Community (in Adonara island) providing books for children and teenager, providing sandal/shoes, toys, share my knowledge in art, craft, English and environmental health, will help providing Water Pump & water treatment as they have difficulties with water supply and treatment.

Indonesian friends short term participant :
1. Doddy Devrian Surabaya East Java Biker & Jiu-Jitsu Sensei
2. Ama Galang Bali (Adonara Origin) Biker & Mechanic
3. Shintia Fransesca Jogyakarta Central Java Interior designer & Artisan
4. Dani Agus Yuniarto Jogyakarta Artist Painter
5. Dikkie Erman Jogyakarta Gardener
6. Nico Leonard Jogyakarta Photographer

• Some ride a motorcycle from starting point in Surabaya (East Java) to Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Adonara
• Some will fly straight to Flores (Labuan Bajo Airport) and will take a minibus to Ruteng (Flores Home base)
• Some ride a motorcycle to Adonara island

List of needs and will buy in Indonesia (For Local to Local)
Hygienes :
– Sanitary napkins, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap bar, bottled shampoo
– Nail cutter, wet tissue, razor,
Baby :
– Milk Bottle and Nipple, Pampers, Baby lotion/Shampoo/soap
– Baby toys, clothing.
Kids (2 – 15 yo) :
– Books (reading, literature, fiction, arts)
– Pencil, color pencil, dough, crayon, brushes and Acrylic, canvas, chalk,
– Sandal, shoes, backpack, stationary set
– Thread, needle, wool, glue, scissors
– Toys for children & Teenager : Drum stick, shaker, guitar, flute, harmonica, tambourine
– Ribbon, hair pin, pin/breast pin
– Tshirt, shirt, smock, blouse, underwear, jersey (they love soccer) swimming goggles, swimming suits
– Light jacket, sweater, wool, hoodie, bed sheet, pillow case

Community :
– Wall Paint, wood paint, hand roller, brushes, bucket
– Crayon, acrylic, brushes, drawing pencil 2B-4B, Conte & Drawing paper, color pencil, chalk,
– Carpenters set (Hammer, hand saw, measuring tape, plier
– Electrician set (Hammer, plier, screw driver, amp meter,
– Tailor set (Scissor, needle, thread, tape
– Basic bicycle mechanic set
– Foot ball, volley ball, Badminton set, ping pong set,

Stuff : will be pool in Surabaya (East Java) & Jogyakarta (Central Java) and will ship from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo

What I need approximately in 6 month :
• Airfare fund Toronto-Bali return open ticket for 8 month
• Visa and other paper works fund (Visa Kunjungan Budaya)
• Motorcycle spare parts, maintenance and gas fund
• Accommodation fund (Rent) Electricity, Gas & Water
• Meals & First aid fund
• Internet & Cell Phone & service
• Documentation fund (Power bank, SD microchip, Camera & Light laptop/Notebook/iPad)
• Adventure & Camping gear
• Shipping fund
• Emergency fund

Expenses Draft 6 month :
Air fare return Toronto – Denpasar Bali $ 1700
Honda vehicle (will sell it after the program) $ 2600
Operating expenses : fuel/oil/tires/licence fees
Insurance/maintenance & repairs $ 750
Shipping fund from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo $ 200
Shipping fund from Surabaya to Ruteng $ 250
Shipping fund from Surabaya to Adonara $ 500
Communication fund $ 250
Accomodation $ 500
Meals $ 2000
Laundry $ 60
Camping gear (will sell it after program) $ 500
Support donation/stuff for the kids & youth $ 2500
Water pump for Adonara $ 850
Entertainment $ 600
Buying support stuff $ 1000
Total $ 14.260

Fund raising in need $ 15.000